Covid-19 My Kemkare Statement 10.06.20

With the recent developing situation around COVID-19 as a Homecare provider we want to give you the reassurances that we are doing everything possible to continue to deliver quality care to the people who need it within the community. We are making new working arrangements to make this as safe as possible and will continue to communicate any additional changes or measures should we need to take them

Care and Support

We are monitoring this daily as we expect to see increasing demands to our services. We work closely with our carers and office staff to ensure safe practices. We are working closely with all local authorities and we are constantly taking advice from the Government websites for all the latest updates. We are looking at staff training and recruitment methods to support an increase in demand that may arise, ensuring that our services are continuous.

Infection Prevention Control Measures

As always, our care staff will be following a robust hand washing technique using an alcohol based sanitiser or soap and water. This routine is used throughout the year to ensure our staff and service users are kept safe and risk of cross contamination or transmissions are kept to a minimal.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our care staff will always ensure everyone’s safety is paramount and wear fluid repellent face masks, aprons and disposable gloves. Our staff are trained regularly on how to put them on, take them off and dispose of them safely.

Our office

 Our office remain open and fully functioning, respecting social distancing and maintaining the 2 metre rule. We carry out regular risk assessment of the situation in line with Health and Safety Standards.

Our office staff and fields care coordinators who may be working from home or present in the community are available 24 hours and you will have been provided with all contact details.

We are closely monitoring this changing situation to make sure we are taking all precautions necessary to keep our workforce and service users safe and that their needs are still met. As the situation develops over the coming weeks/months our plans and strategies may change and we will ensure that we inform you of all developments.

Our aim at this time is to continue as normal and to keep everyone safe

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.


Registered Manager