Kemkare Ltd is a leading home care provider with extensive experience providing bespoke person-centred care in your home, , hospital, residential /nursing homes and in supported living settings.

We are committed to valuing our clients, preventive/protective practice, promote dignity in care, empower people, work in partnership with families/clients and passionate about caring.

Our services are flexible to meet your health and social needs.

You can rely on Kemkare to offer you or your loved one the support they need. We know that no two people will require the same care, which is why we tailor each care/support plan to each individual

Prevention & Protection conscious

6cs approach to care

Culturally sensitive and Inclusive practice

Timely response to


Continuity of care


Kemkare recognise the importance of having a framework for understanding and responding to the complex needs of vulnerable adults who may have care at home needs, challenging behaviour or dual diagnosis.


Putting quality first in everything we do for each person we support, our staff and other partner agencies we work with is a priority.


The strategic plan is for Kemkare to develop and continue to improve provision of service through inclusion, empowering practices that promote independence and dignity.


We work in line with the Care Act 2014 framework to ensure equality and safeguarding principles in protecting our clients.


To focus on improving and developing the quality of care, support and hospitality we provide.

We aim to do this by training and developing our staff, ensure the environment we work is warm and homely for our service users; remain committed to our evidence based practice for continuous and progressive improvement and maintain meaningful partnership with the people we support; their families and other stakeholders.


Delivery of service in Kemkare is based on the social values of self-determination, empowerment; promoting rights and dignity.


We put people and their individual needs first

We actively listen to and respond to the people we support

We support people to achieve their aspirations and maximise their potentials

We strive to be honest, transparent, fair and ethical in everything we do

We learn when things go wrong

We promote active engagement by encouraging people we work with to participate in their community

We are committed to staff development so the people we support get the best care and support

We recognise the diversity of the people we work with and strive to tailor cultural needs

We work with people based on their strength and capability

We celebrate success and try to make life enjoyable for all



Kemkare work with older people with mental health difficulties; individuals with mild, moderate to severe Learning Disability, Autism and physical disability to live an independent life in the community.

Kemkare empower individuals to promote rights, make their own choices and decisions, have a voice and to be in control of their lives with dignity.


At Kemkare, we work with families, Local Authorities, Commissioning Teams, Care Managers, individual keyworkers, advocacy groups and other professional agencies to design and deliver services that lead to individuals living independently and confidently in the community. We strive hard to be adaptable, diverse and responsive to the needs of our service users.


We provide support to individuals in their homes, in residential homes and supported living accommodations using person-centred approach to assist our service users to purchase or access the support they want from us and other agencies.


Kemkare has dedicated care/support staff team that have been recruited, DBS checked and undertake regular training to work effectively with people we work with.



Kemkare is CQC regulated and fully insured to undertake service delivery.


We are striving to be benchmarked with British Institute for Learning Disability, The National Autistic Society and Investor in People.


The people that we support are at the centre of everything we do. We work with them and their family to design the services that they need in their personalised care and support plans.

We have a 24 hour on-call service and accept referrals at short notice. Our dedicated staff team are able and willing to undertake needs-led assessment to enable us plan care holistically.

We do this through:

  • Ensuring care and treatment reflect client's needs or preferences

  • Treat clients with dignity and respect

  • Provide care in a safe way

  • Protect our clients from harm and abuse

  • Ensure Kemkare's regulated activity (Personal Care) needs are met

  • Ensure equipment used and environment is safe

  • Deal promptly with complaints

  • Provide suitably qualified, competent, skilled and experienced staff

  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all

  • Ensure management style and leadership culture that is transparent, caring, compassionate, person-centred and inclusive

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